Caroline Santa

I cut apart my drawings and paintings, subtracting the language that is no longer relevant to my practice, and survey the remnants. The studio walls are like one paragraph of many interchangeable words. Like written language, different arrangements of these units form alternate meanings.

My studio is like a laboratory where I collect taxonomies of material; pieces in various stages of development. I mine my collections in search of surprise- something I have forgotten, something to form a new relationship with another fragment. I use a system of trial and error to find combinations that transcend the original form.

While working, I think about Schwitters’ Merzbau-the architectural manifestation of his 2D collage. Like Schwitters, I think about my work as existing in its current scale or expanding into larger architectural environments. The grid, the warp and weft of fabric, the arrangement of text on a page, are constants that open windows of possibility to see into another space.