• "mid the steep sky's commotion"-a collaboration with Joshua Stamper and The Crossing

    "mid the steep sky's commotion"-a collaboration with Joshua Stamper and The Crossing

  • Jen Schwarting and Caroline Santa at TSA NY opens Febrary 19, 2016

  • Drawing Now Philadelphia
    I am honored to be included in this lineup of artists. Drawing Now Philadelphia is hosted by Artspace Liberti and runs September 5-October 26, 2014.

  • To Tiger, With Love: A Five Year Anniversary
    As a co-founder of this extraordinary exhibition space, I am pleased to be included in this show, among some exceptional artists.

  • Precis Reviewed on The Artblog by Sam Newhouse

  • Précis at Rebekah Templeton reviewed by Chip Schwartz on Kightarts.org

  • The Drawing Center Viewing Program

  • Vanishing Point at UnSmoke Space

    Vanishing Point aims to present work that confronts the notion of a "new abstract". Inclusive to all medium, the exhibition presents abstraction as a means of reconciliation to the dislocation of self in modern life.

    Engaging concepts of science, personal histories, politics and beyond, these artists build upon the histories of abstract art to fashion a sense of stability in an environment ever changing, ever updating - an environment built upon a constant feed for more information, with its reference point focused evermore on the self in synthetic environments.

    Through this visual "storm" these artists have honed their use of abstraction not only as a means to understand their world, but as a mechanism to locate themselves as an individual in a sea of turbulent messages and meaning. Our understanding of our self becomes more abstract each day - these artists represent a direction where abstraction is no longer universal, but an intrinsically personal understanding.

    Jenna Hannum / Katie Hinton / Simona Josan / Michael Kalmbach / Adam Lister / Caroline Santa / Phillip Scarpone / Cullen Stephenson / Matthew West / Drew + the Medicinal Pen

    Curated by Brookes Britcher and Alexander Conner

  • Philadelphia Inquirer review of "Places, Everyone" at Gross McCleaf


  • Places, Everyone at Gross McCleaf

    Gross McCleaf Gallery's annual take on the emerging artist show features Joe Ballweg, Sarah Gamble, Vera Iliatova, Jay Noble, Sarah Noble, and Erin Raedeke. The exhibition will be on view until August 11th. Regular gallery hours are Monday-Friday, 10-5.

  • Essay By Jenny Jaskey

    Caroline Santa’s newest body of work – Future, Past, Imperfect – is an exercise in the complex grammar of texts. The texts of media, the texts of history revised through subsequent re-readings and events. Santa takes as her starting point published photographs of current events. Iconic pictures of Mike Tyson, George Bush, or Charlton Heston are wiped clean of specific reference. People and places become anywhere, anyone. We are left with a world of shadows, with the potential to find in things, as Nietzsche tells us, nothing but what we have imported to them; “truth” is an illusion of what we have come to believe.

    In Santa’s practice, the deconstructed document extends to the materiality of the work itself, a layering of gouache, graphite drawing, erasures, evidence of a past imperfect, teetering in the ever tenuous present. The process is analogous to the interpreted history it presents, an unearthing of embedded layers and subjective rebuilding from intuition and experience. Future potentiality is exposed as the plane for imaginative recreation expands.

    For all of their ambiguity, Santa’s drawings do provide the viewer with a host of particularities. But the information she gives is a secret code of her own device. Replacing the artifice of public personae, the quick read of a news headline, is something slower and more hidden. Bright fields of color evoke the personal over the public; the artist means for each of her selections of color or pattern to act as a stand in for an emotion, a way for us to discern what is underneath the surface from the surface itself.

    Santa (b. 1982) works among a group of contemporary artists who use strategies of ambiguity or cartoon-like figures to approach contentious subject matter. Like Laylah Ali’s Greenheads or Marcel Dzama’s army men, there is a somewhat naïve quality to Santa’s drawing that neutralizes its potentially evocative political imagery at the outset, but ultimately renders it more haunting upon closer reading.

    --Jenny Jaskey

  • Future Past Imperfect

    May 1-29
    Future Past Imperfect
    New work by Caroline Santa

    Tiger Strikes Asteroid
    319 North 11th Street
    Fourth floor
    Philadelphia, PA 19107

    Opening May 1, (First Friday) 6-10 PM
    Gallery hours:
    Friday, Saturday 12-6 PM and by appointment

  • Starting a Gallery

    Tiger Strikes Asteroid is an artist run gallery opening in March.
    319 North 11th Street, Philadelphia

    "Getting Ready For the Prom" opens March 6: 6-9 PM, and includes the work of Phillip Adams, Alex Paik, Tim Gierschick, Alexis Granwell, Nate Pankratz, and Caroline Santa.


  • Urban Outfitters

    Some of Caroline's latest work is on display in an exhibition window of Urban Outfitters in University City, Philadelphia (110 South 36th Street, directly opposite the ICA). It will be on view until April 24th.

  • "New Faces" Art in City Hall, Philadelphia

    Caroline has been selected to participate in "New Faces", and exhibition of Emerging artists in Philadelphia.
    Curators: Warren Angle and Michelle Marcuse
    February 28-May 16, 2008
    2nd and 4th Floors, NE Corner of City Hall, Philadelphia

  • Erratic at 817 Gallery


    Christopher Davison
    Nick Lenker
    Caroline Santa

    333 South Broad St., Philadelphia
    817 Gallery
    January 23-February 14 2008

  • The Logical Zoo of Caroline Santa

    In this improvised art studio invented by John Diego Molina, the actual Executive Director of the theater “Santiago Londono”, for the artist Caroline Santa, local artists of the institute of Culture and Tourism rehearse every type of acrobatics, bringing scenes to life while constantly looking at themselves in the mirror. In the midst of this space for artists of all kinds, subsists a tiny feline that every once in a while goes for a walk around the corners and the surroundings without leaving a mark of its existence.

    The intelligent and beautiful North American artist, Caroline Santa, winner of this years Charles Addams Prize of Fine Arts in the United States, not only spotted this presence in the given space, but it infused itself in one of the large pieces of Italian paper where Caroline painted her precious, enchanting, impeccable, majestic, and unique works of art. In one of these, the cat spent long instances walking around the surface, trying to understand the reason for being of the animals that lived there and were created by the ingenious artist. If you would like, friendly reader, you could prove it how we have, by looking with detainment at the 10 enormous works, in which the most eccentric animals, that are more than an X-ray of the important personalities of our planet in a form of disguise, have been imbued to tell us multiple and sophisticated stories, until we find three little marks that drew a perfect little hand, the enigmatic hunter of rodents, that was not able to rip such fine paper, even though it had terribly sharp nails.

    In addition, her creatures are apparently harmless beings. They are truly characters worthy of looking through a magnifying glass and with a dictionary of modernity, politics, music, entertainment, and science on the side, to understand its world in a better way.

    Caroline does not paint solely to please the eye of the observer. No. Her work is painting of calligraphy, rich in design, excellent in equilibrium, and fine in terms of managing the white as a spectrum that might frighten any artist when such person doesn’t have the courage to face the cold territory that must be dominated with out fear of any sort.

    While observing the show piece by piece, from a distance, or even when you look at it three or four times from any angle, one senses that the environment is illuminated, that the Expo-Ramp gains magic and enchantment, while the animals exotic and indescribable, seem to walk freely from one painting to the other to augment even more the feast that began last Tuesday, during the press conference with the tender artist, housed by our beautiful building of the Institute of Culture of Pereira, in which the paintings were installed on its white walls. The paintings are the most tenacious works that an artist has brought to the Palace of Music. The lyrics and singing, the poetry and dream-like work have begun to give the gallery the life that it deserves.

    This will be an exhibition that will write a new page of the cultural book of this great city, and it will leave a great legacy to expand the imagination and creativity of our future generations

    El Diaro el Atun, November 18, 2007

  • Review by Curator German Ossa (Spanish Version)


  • Article in El Diario Atun: English Translation




    has come from the United States to us as a form of a miracle. Born in Morristown, New Jersey. She will be with us for a few days, but after winning the Charles Addams Prize in the mecca of universal art, she has the punch to show us Pererianos [Colombians], during the month of November in the Expo Ramp of the Center of Culture Lucy Tejada, a small collection of works with rare fantasy that she creates. Hers is magic, enchantment, poetry, painted music, games, imagination, in which she uses her own codes, her own colors, and her own animal kingdom, inspired by the characters of great heights that decorate our world.

    Her paintings, always of great format, tell the most insolent of stories in immense spaces that are filled with fables apparently difficult to understand with the first look, but as one is detained to observe with care, plan multiple readings that fill the soul with delight.

    He work is original, unique, and unrepeatable.

    Curator of Lucy Tejada

  • Psycological Spaces

    Psycological Spaces, a solo exhibition by Caroline Santa will open in el Centro Cultural de Lucy Tejada in Pereira, Colombia on November 9, 2007. More details to follow.

  • Lucy Tejada Residency

    Caroline is currently working on a new body of work in Pereira, Colombia, South America.